About Stephen Baker  [1]

About Stephen Baker


Stephen Baker has been shooting 35mm and medium format film for more than 30 years, and taught at the Kansas City Art Institute.  After working extensively in traditional darkrooms, he became an early adopter of digital photography/painting, and giclee printing techniques.  Many of his prints are derived from film negatives because of the beautiful results that come from digital manipulation and the artistic rendering of organic film grain.  While many prints are made from single exposures, Stephen also explores the advantages of super-high resolution images made from 8-12 separate digital shots.  These images are seamlessly photographed and then merged into works that are 1 giga-pixel and larger in size.  This creates images exhibiting exceptional detail.  

Stephen personally hand-produces and signs all archival prints that are up to 16x20 in size.  Very large prints are resourced to high-end printmakers equipped with larger printing devices.  All outsourced prints are individually matched to print renderings made and provided by the artist.